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In the Wargame series, there are two types of aircraft: helicopters and fixed-wing jet aircraft.

Wargame: European Escalation featured a wide range of helicopters however lacked any fixed-wing aircraft.

In Wargame: AirLand Battle, air forces make their debut, with a huge fleet of 150 aircraft of all kinds, from all 12 nations involved.

When not needed, your air force stays on the ground at the nearest air base, outside the map. To call them to the combat zone, you must first control a reinforcement zone with an Air Deployment gate, exactly like any other type of reinforcement.

Once called upon, a plane or a squadron takes some time to get to the combat zone, depending on their cruising speed. An interceptor will come to the combat zone much faster than an assault aircraft, which is much slower.

Once on site, you have absolute control of your unit: ask them to patrol a particular path, fly over and hold a zone, and attack specific targets, at least until they run out of fuel! Then, they will rally at the air base to refuel and get ready to intervene again as soon as they receive your order.

Plane typesEdit

  • Multirole: Multirole fighters are the backbone of any air force. As the name indicates, these are planes designed to fulfill a wide range of roles depending on the needs of the moment: ground attack, air-to-air, etc. However, they are generally less effective in every area than specialized aircraft.
  • Air Superiority: These aircraft are designed to engage enemy fighters in order to take control of an air zone. They are agile and they excel in short range air-to-air combat (dogfights).
    • Interceptor: Interceptor planes are specialized in intercepting enemy aircraft such as bombers, which must be shot down before they reach their objective. They are therefore very fast and carry heavy air-to-air weaponry.
  • SEAD (Suppression of Enemy Air Defenses): These aircraft specifically aim at destroying and/or shocking enemy anti-aircraft defenses. They carry fit-for-purpose anti-radar missiles that lock on radar transmission sources from enemy anti-aircraft weapons.
  • Ground Attack: ground attack planes are designed to carry out surgical strikes against land targets. They carry lighter loads than conventional bombers, but they are much more accurate and much faster in their attacks, allowing them to quickly get rid of specific targets. Ground attack planes are usually armed with guns, rockets, or ATGMs.
    • Bombers: Bombers are ground attack planes armed exclusively with heavy anti-armor and anti-infantry bombs. This includes prototype stealth bombers. 

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