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Czechoslovak Socialist Republic
Československá socialistická republika
Flag Czechoslovakia
General info
Type Marxist–Leninist single-party federal republic
Affiliation Warsaw Pact
Military Czechoslovak People's Army
Location Eastern Europe
Societal info
Capital Prague
Languages Czech, Slovak

The Czechoslovak Socialist Republic (Československá socialistická republika in Czech and Slovak) was the official name of Czechoslovakia from 1960 until the end of 1989 (i.e., shortly after the Velvet Revolution), a Soviet satellite state of the Eastern Bloc and a member of the Warsaw Pact.

Following the coup d'état of February 1948, when the Communist Party of Czechoslovakia seized power with the backing of the Soviet Union, the country was declared a people's republic after the Ninth-of-May Constitution became effective. The traditional name Československá republika (Czechoslovak Republic) was changed on 11 July 1960 following implementation of the 1960 Constitution of Czechoslovakia as a symbol of the "final victory of socialism" in the country, and remained so until the Velvet Revolution in Czechoslovakia.


The Czechoslovakian troops have preserved the most independence from the USSR. They possess their own troop transport and mobile weaponry, as well as their own variants of soviet vehicles. Both highly efficient and deadly. But it's in their artillery that the Czechoslovakian army shines, with self propelled units whose accuracy and precision are matched by their high mobility, giving them a sizeable advantage when they are on the battlefield. Their tanks are weak however, they are only dependable to some degree, this faction also lacks many high-expense MBT's to make matters worse. 

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