Helicopters are a type of aircraft that uses multiple airfoils rotating around a central shaft to create lift. Because of this helicopters do not need to maintain forward momentum to maintain flight. This gives the vehicle the ability to hover stationary as well as the ability to land in areas where airplanes cannot allowing it to be forward deployed and supported alongside side land based units using logistics vehicles. Be for warned, that helicopters have generally vulnerable to anti-aircraft weapons.

In Wargame, there are 3 types of helicopters. 

They consist of:

  • Transport Helicopters
    • This type of helicopter serves in a largely support role ferrying troops around the battlefield. Common ordnance includes door mounted machine guns and or unguided rockets mainly for self defense.
  • Attack Helicopters
    • This type of helicopter serves as a hunter killer on the battlefield, combining high mobility with lethal firepower on a platform that is not encumbered by rugged terrain. This aircraft does not ferry personnel or materials forgoing any utility in lieu of maximizing firepower. Common ordnance may consist of a combination of; unguided rockets, heavy machine guns/auto-cannon of varying caliber, Anti-Tank Guided Missiles, or Anti-Aircraft Missiles.
  • ATGM Helicopters
    • This type usually consists of small, light-weight helicopters armed with ATGM missiles. This makes them extremely efficient in taking down hostile armor, especially while they have good vision and accuracy being an aerial unit. However, many ATGM Helicopters lack any Anti-Air or Anti-Infantry weapons for defense making them specialised.

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