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Naval support, or simply navy, is a category of units that engage in naval warfare. They are introduced in Wargame: Red Dragon.[1][2] Naval support units will only be playable on appropriate maps that allows naval combat, and they do not require any activation points since they serve as a free “bonus”.


Naval support is composed of three types of units, the most significant of which being warships.


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Ships are of various sizes and firepower, some specialized in air defence, some in ground support, … to secure and cap naval reinforcement zones and bring in the assault barge.

  • Destroyers: Destroyers are large heavily armored, they are designed chiefly to attack enemy fleets. Their multiple cannons have a rapid firing rate that can pierce the armor plating of any hull and sink any ship... provided it isn’t moving too quickly!
  • Frigates: Frigates are medium-sized warships that perform numerous functions similar to multirole fighters: maritime reconnaissance, defense against enemy fleets/anti-surface warfare and anti-air defense. Reasonably fast and well armored, frigates form the spearhead of any naval force.
  • Corvettes: Corvettes are fast, maneuverable vessels with a lower tonnage than frigates, generally deployed to defend more substantial buildings and structures. They mainly perform an anti-air role and are bristling with anti-air missiles and an array of guns that can intercept enemy air-sea missiles in mid-air.
  • Patrol craft: Patrol craft are vessels with a very low tonnage, smaller than corvettes, and with a very shallow draft that allows them to use waterways that would be impassable for larger vessels.

Anti-ship aircraftEdit

Anti-ship planes and helicopters are dedicated ship killers, armed with powerful missiles able to inflict crippling damages to the most powerful ships. Their role is to bring the fight to the enemy vessels without risking your own in firing range.

Landing troopsEdit

The bulk of the naval support troops are landing troops. Once a naval reinforcement zone is controlled by one side, he might bring in more troops to land them and open a new front on the beachhead. Those troops are made up of all those you can find in a Marine deck (infantry & transport, tanks, support troops, …), plus some Army units.

  • Landing craft: As their name indicates, you can use landing craft to deploy troops from the sea if the shore is suitable for this type of maneuver. Landing craft can transport squads of infantry and heavier equipment such as armored vehicles, but in lower numbers.
  • Amphibious vehicles: Although impracticable in maritime combat, amphibious vehicles are still able to cross (but more slowly) bodies of water separating them from their objective. Many vehicles can be amphibious, from transport and light armored vehicles to even supply vehicles.




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