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Recon(naissance) units are infantry, vehicles, and helicopters that provide reconnaissance over the battlefield. Their role is to spot hostile forces and units and provide information on enemy activity for friendly units. They are usually designated with a "[-O-O-]" symbol and are stylised as RCN.

The NATO Recon symbol

Land based recon units have enhanced stealth features which reduces the range at which enemy units can detect them; however they are inhibited by normal line of sight rules.

Helicopter scouts do not have enhanced stealth capabilities, but with the use of the "Change Altitude command" they can increase their sight range at the cost of exposing itself to enemy vision. Be forewarned when deploying armed recon units, as weapons fire will negate their stealth. 

Unit classesEdit

  • Recon (Vehicle): Fast moving recon vehicle. Possesses primitive weapons for personal defense. Usually fitted with very good optics.
  • Armored Recon: Armored recon vehicle. Possess basic anti-infantry/anti-tank weapons.
  • Recon Helicopter: Aerial recon vehicle. Usually fitted with very good optics.
  • Recon Team/Special Forces: Infantry units that provide recon.
  • Recon APC: Recon Vehicle that has the capability to transport Recon Infantry


Recon should be postioned depending on which recon unit you command.

Mobile recon such as recon, armored recon and aerial recon can both loiter areas to pick up recon and support friendly forces nearby by supplying frontline recon.

However, slow and weak recon units such as all recon infantry and some recon vehicles should stay in areas and defend them by keeping overwatch on hostiles or be postioned to employ ambushes and stealth attacks.