Gameicon WRD
Republic of Korea
Daehan Minguk
Flag South Korea
General info
Type Unitary presidential constitutional republic
Affiliation BLUFOR
Military Republic of Korea Armed Forces
Location East Asia
Societal info
Capital Seoul
Languages Korean

South Korea, officially the Republic of Korea (대한민국 Daehan Minguk) is a unitary presidential constitutional republic in East Asia in the southern half of the Korean peninsula, south of North Korea, being bordered by the Korean DMZ.

South Korea appears in Wargame: Red Dragon as a playable nation.[1]


In an official state of war since 1950, South Korea is a nation armed to the teeth. It has a solid infantry force, particularly marines, and relies more on extensive formations than on significant technical advantages to defeat its enemy in the north. South Korea only began developing a high-tech military industry in the mid ‘80s, producing “home-grown” vehicles to rival those of their American allies.


  1. [EUG]MadMat (August Monday 26, 2013). Wargame Red Dragon: Facts & Flags. Retrieved on 2013-08-27. “Hi, Since WRD's announcement at the Gamescom, there has been a lot of speculations, rumors and more or less true information. Here are some facts. WRD will be EE & ALB' sequel, the third installment in the Wargame series. The action will take place in Asia, more especially centered around the Korean Peninsula. The timeframe will be extended to 1975-1991.”

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